Friday, June 5, 2009

Rust Revival 09

This past weekend me, my dad, and my buddies Tom and Bobblehead went to the Rust Revival in Wayland, MO. It was a damn good time! Wayland is such a dinky little town. Half the buildings were condemned. The other half of the buildings were a Tattoo shop, a restaurant and a bar. The restaurant "Reeds Bar and Grill" was amazing. It has extremely affordable prices and REAL FOOD. It was NOT frozen meals warmed up like every other little greasy spoon type of restaurant. I mean this place had real potatoes for fries and chips. If your ever near keokuk, IA go to Reed's Bar and Grill in Wayland, MO. Also the pizza at Angelini's in keokuk is pretty amazing.

Enough about food, the show was fun, the drinks were plenty, and the bands where rockin. Heres some pics.

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